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Where to go in Liptovský Ján or the neighborhood?

We have some tips for you:


In the summer or winter you can take a bath in the natural healing water in the lake "kada" (as it is called local) in Liptovský Ján and it is absolutely free. It is at the end of Starojanska Street and at the end of the village on the left. You will find there the source of the stream Teplica. It is a source of highly mineralez healing drinking water that can be taken in the bottles too. In the area of ​​Teplica a little further from the drinking spring, you can also find the lake, which is a natural pearl bath. The lake consists of two parts - one reminiscent of a true whirlpool and a second "quiet" pool. The tap water has a temperature of 20 °C. If you want to bath in the winter when the air temperature is below 0°C, the water in this lake will feel like a warm bath.


The miniature model park is located in a beautiful environment with tall trees and landscaped lawns at the beginning of Jánská dolina on an area of ​​0.8 ha. One of its borders is the sounding mountain stream Štiavnica. The theme park of miniatures is made up of Slovak cultural and technical monuments - castles, chateaux, churches, bell towers and others. In the park you will see in a miniature version the Casle Bojnice, Castle of Strečno, Old Town Hall in Levoča and more.


Jasná Nízke Tatry as the largest ski arena with great conditions for winter sports in Slovakia offers endless opportunities of entertainment and active relax on the northern and southern side of Chopok. The resort offers 50 km of perfectly snowed up slopes different difficulty, suitable for beginners, families with children, advanced skiers and also to organize world class competitions. Modern snowmaking system in the length of 35 km offers the snow guarantee for minimum 5 months in a year. The wild ride lovers will be able to enjoy the free ride zones in great snow park.


The popular ski resort Opalisko is located in the Low Tatras above the village of Závažná Poruba, at the foot of the Poludnica hill. Five ski-slops, four ski-tows and cable-way help us to ski confortably without waitin in lines. There are a Children area, blade paths and natural ice-ring avalable. In the Ski-center there are also illuminatedd cross-country ski-paths with full lenght over 30 km. This ski centre organises night-skiing and many more interesting sport-events.


Tarzania in Jasná under the Chopok peak is ideal place for the adrenaline enthusiasts they want to the test their strength and courage. The track is built on trees and consists of two tracks built with 34 platforms and 95 obstacles in the height of about 4 to 7 meters from the ground.


Both caves are located in the National Nature Reservation Demänovská Valley on the territory of the Low Tatras National Park. Demänovská Ice Cave was created by a former underground flow of Demänovka river, Demanovska Ice Cave is full of beautiful ice formations. The cave tour is 650m in length. It was also called the Dragon's Cave, because of the finding of cave bear bones, suspected to be dragon bones. Demänovská jaskyňa Slobody is the one of the most beautiful caves in Europe and the most visited in Slovakia, this national natural monument is full of underground halls and domes, tunnels and richly decorated ponds with stalactite water lilies on the surface and cave pearls at the bottom.


Tatralandia Holiday Resort has become the largest area of ​​water entertainment in Central Europe since the summer of 2016, and it is the only place where you can also surf. It is 10-15 minutes far from the Liptovsky Ján by a car. It is situated in the Liptov region - a region with many cultural monuments, a peculiar folk culture and folklore. It is surrounded by the largest Slovakian mountains - High and Low Tatras, Great and Lesser Fatra, Choč Mountains.


The amazing Contact Zoo in Liptovský Mikuláš is a wonderful experience for both large and small animal lovers. Under the supervision of the breeder, you have the opportunity to pet or to feed a kenguru, little lion cub, little brown bear or a donkey. The colorful parrots will gladly rest on your shoulder.


The water paradise GINO PARADISE is built on the basis of hot springs that extend up to a depth of 1987 meters at a temperature of 60.5 °C. They act positively on both motion and respiratory systems, they have beneficial cosmetic effects and thanks to the lithium elements also work well on the human psyche. Take a break in 8 outdoor pools with geothermal water at a temperature of 26 to 39 ° C.